About Us

Ultrabeam Limited, operating as Ultrabeam Hydrographic, was established in early 2018 by Gabriel Walton and Andy McLeay who between them share over 45 years of experience in the coastal and offshore survey industry.

The company was formed to deliver high-quality hydrographic and geophysical survey services to a wide range of clients, from ports and harbours, utilities, offshore renewable energy, oil & gas and public sector marine industries.

Accurate hydrographic surveys are vital for the maintenance of marine assets such as bridges, docks & harbours, offshore installations and oil and gas platforms. From Day One, the company has focused on a specific and revolutionary method of conducting these surveys using unmanned survey vessels (USV) that Ultrabeam has designed and built itself. Using USVs to perform this type of specialist survey and inspection is much more efficient than traditional methods and is also safer, particularly in hazardous conditions.

Ultrabeam has combined this innovative acquisition approach with cutting edge data processing and visualisation platform to provide deliverables which outperform anything currently available within the marine industry.


Andrew McLeay

Managing Director

With over 30 years experience in the survey industry, Andy manages the commercial aspect of the Ultrabeam business.


Gabriel Walton

Technical Director

With over 15 years experience in the survey industry, Gabe brings his technical flair and operational steady hand to Ultrabeam.


Simon Baldwin

Project Manager

Simon works predominantly in the project management of works, as well as in the exploration of where innovative methods of acquiring high resolution data can be applied.


Matt Shenton

CAD/GIS Project Manager


Rob White

Senior Geophysicist


Toby McLeay

Survey Technician

Toby is a qualified Aerial Drone Pilot for Ultrabeam and joins the team on site to help projects run as seamlessly as possible.


Pierre Lowe

Senior Hydrographic Surveyor

Ultrabeam provide an unparalleled level of accuracy and detail through the use of specialist, highly innovative survey tools and techniques. The Ultrabeam difference is in our data, supported by our many years of shallow and deep water survey experience. We see our work as a distinct specialism and, rather than overlapping from a core land survey company or being an appendage to a large offshore survey company, Ultrabeam is entirely focussed on the delivery of outstanding high-quality survey and inspection data.

The overriding philosophy at Ultrabeam is continual research and development whilst also investing in key items of commercially available but state-of-the-art hardware and software. During 2019 we have purchased a core inventory of high tech multibeam sonar, ultra short baseline underwater tracking systems, GPS aided inertial navigation system, high specification Leica laser scanner, mini ROVs and support equipment such as boats and specialised vehicles.