Ultra-S USV


Introducing the revolutionary Ultra-S USV

Ultra-S USV is a miniaturised version of our larger Ultra USV series. At 75cm x 60cm, it's a highly portable vessel that can easily be launched and recovered by hand. 

Electric propulsion pods are powered by a series of onboard batteries, to provide redundancy and power supply for the onboard control, communications and survey sensor systems.

The Ultra-S employs a unique four thruster propulsion arrangement, which allows precise control of position, heading and ground speed. This control, especially at low speed, allows for very high resolution data acquisition, so Ultra-S is able to provide detailed visual, acoustic and laser inspections from a static perspective and 2 knots kinematic data acquisition.

The craft is capable of deploying R2Sonic 2020 or the compact Norbit multibeam sonars, coupled with high-end inertial navigation systems. The Ultra-S can also be fitted with a sub-bottom profiler, acoustic camera and gimbal-stabilised 4K stills and video cameras, to provide a visual record of the surveyed asset.

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