ULTRA-2 unmanned surface vessel (USV)


Introducing the ULTRA-2 USV

Autonomous high definition multibeam sonar and precision kinematic laser scanning of marine assets

ULTRA-2  is a modular dynamically positioned survey craft based on a robust catamaran design. Electric propulsion pods are powered by a series of onboard Lithium-Ion batteries configured so as to provide propulsive redundancy and auxiliary power supply for the onboard control, communications and survey sensor systems.

The latest in DC thruster and cutting edge battery technology provides a powerful and reliable system with full day endurance without the need for battery replacement.

ULTRA-2 employs a four thruster vectored propulsion arrangement allowing precise control of position, heading and ground speed, leading to very high resolution data acquisition, both above and below the waterline. Using a precise position hold function (DP), ULTRA-2 is able to provide detailed visual, acoustic and laser inspections whilst stationary and at up to 6 knots for dynamic data acquisition using autonomy mode.

The relatively large payload capacity (including a pilot when necessary), coupled with a modular and flexible design, allows an array of off-the-shelf, full size survey sensors to be mobilised aboard the craft. 

The simple ladder chasis design of the survey platform allows a fully integrated multi sensor survey solution to be mounted simultaneously for various inspection tasks. This holistic approach is far more cost-effective than adopting a series of conventional survey methods, which involves integrating independent data sets post-survey.

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