Ultra-1 USV


Introducing the original Ultra-1 USV

Ultra-1 USV is an easily deployable dynamically positioned survey craft, based around a small inflatable boat. Electric propulsion pods are powered by a series of onboard batteries, to provide redundancy and power supply for the onboard control, communications and survey sensor systems.

Ultra-1 employs a unique four thruster propulsion arrangement that allows precise control of position, heading and ground speed, which enables very high resolution data acquisition, with capture of a full density data set of both the above and below water aspects of a marine asset. 

Using a precise position hold function Ultra-1 is able to provide detailed visual, acoustic and laser inspections from a static perspective and 3 knots kinematic data acquisition using autonomy mode.

The craft employs a fully automated retractable MBES transducer mount and is fitted with an Applanix POS MV inertial navigation system for highly accurate survey control. It has been deployed with the highest resolution sonars and lasers available, having been mobilised with full size Reson and R2Sonics multibeam systems. Gimbal stabilised 4K stills and video cameras provide a visual record of the asset.

The large payload capacity for a platform of this size, coupled with the modular cost-effective design, allows an array of off-the-shelf survey sensors to be mobilised aboard the craft. 

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