Ultrabeam's Argonaut is a fully autonomous amphibious survey vehicle capable of manned and unmanned, land and water surveys. Measuring 3.0m in length, 1.45m in width and 1.8m in height.

Argonaut has land survey capabalities making it a great multi-diverse survey solution for all specifications. Argonauts land capabilities are 8mph vehicle speed at 3000RPM fully capable of 6000RPM to give 16mp, it is 8x8 wheel drive with high torque motors and gear box and is capable of climbing a 45 degree incline. It has a water performance of 4.5mph, 48V Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 8hp equivalent motors and shallow draft. 

Argonaut has an endurance of over 12 hours at typical survey speeds on land and water with an estimated range of 20-60 miles depending on terrain. Fit with 48V 21.2kWh Tesla battery modules, charging from 10% to 90% takes 2 hours.

Argonaut provides an exceptionally versatile working solution to a multitude of survey requirments, offering a manned option alonside the fully autonomous solution offers further useability for the vehicle. Data can be viewed in real-time for immediate results then post processed to a higher level of detail and delivery.

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