BlueROV2 High Performance Inspection ROV


Ultrabeam Hydrographic own a comprehensive package of BlueRobitics components including two BlueROV2 ROVs, thruster components and Ultrabeam designed towed subsea frame developed to acquire deep water multibeam data without the need for a large ROV and support vessel.

Designed like a mini work class or research class ROV, the BlueROV2 has an open frame that carries the electronics and battery enclosures, thrusters, buoyancy foam, and ballast weights. This simple design is robust and expandable, making it easy to attach accessories such as an ROV gripper or scanning sonar. We have a payload skid available that extends the frame further and allows you to attach much larger payloads. 

The BlueROV2 is designed to be expanded and modified which is ideal for our very specialist applications. Replacing the standard frame with a custom frame, you can create just about any underwater robot you can imagine!

Efficient visual and sonar inspection in difficult to access locations

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