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Technical Director

Gabriel Walton

With over 15 years experience in the survey industry, Gabe brings his technical flair and operational steady hand to Ultrabeam.

Gabriel is an experienced hydrographic surveyor and a specialist in very high resolution sonar and underwater laser imaging.

In addition to many deep water oil and gas projects, Gabriel has been involved in the survey of the majority of recent high-profile shipwreck salvage operations, such as the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia, the Greek container ship MV Rena and the South Korean ferry Sewol, which sank in 2014. 

Gabriel has been responsible for the development of Ultrabeam’s unique USV systems and specialist data processing tools which set the company apart from the competition.

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The First Choice in Sonar Imaging and Marine Asset Inspection

Ultrabeam Hydrographic are a multi-award winning, dynamic and agile hydrographic survey company based in the UK. Backed by decades of experience and with recent projects successfully completed throughout the UK and Europe we’re ready to deploy our team and unique equipment wherever your next challenging project takes you.