High Resolution Marine Survey and Asset Inspection


Ultra Precise Marine Survey Services

Ultrabeam Hydrographic specialise in the delivery of high definition subsea mapping and 3D visualisation of in-water structures using the very latest in precision sonar and laser technology. We are setting new industry standards in data acquisition, point cloud processing and final data presentation using our own advanced in-house survey tools and techniques.

Seamless above and below water coverage is achieved using a range of specialist sensor platforms, unique sonar mounts and highly refined data processing techniques. The team also has many years of deep water wreck survey experience having been engaged worldwide by ship owners and insurance companies to inform salvage operations and monitor wrecks which may pose a threat to the environment. 

Our purpose-built unmanned survey vessels (USV) enable reliable, accurate low-speed positioning control, station keeping and survey track repeatability in any desired direction of travel or orientation, even in strong currents. 


Ultrabeam hydrographic deliver a fully integrated holistic survey product, not achievable using off-the-shelf and traditional inspection techniques.

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