Cable and Pipeline Route Survey and Inspection


Route Mapping and Inspection

The team at Ultrabeam have many years of experience in mapping seabed corridors for planned cables and pipelines as well as inspection of existing interconnector cables, export cables and various pipelines, from coastal long sea outfalls to high pressure gas mains crossing hundreds of kilometres of seabed.

We offer a range of sonar and visual inspection techniques and more comprehensive depth of burial mapping of buried services, using electromagnetic and acoustic subbottom imagers such as the Pangeo SBI system.

Whether it is a simple monitoring snapshot using side scan sonar or a detailed baseline survey including CP field measurements, Ultrabeam can provide an integrated package to meet client requirements.

Depending on water depth and location, we can provide a survey solution using surface deployed sensors (from a survey vessel) or ROV mounted sensors for more detailed inspection and visual assessment. Ultrabeam offers its own observation class ROV for shallow visual inspection tasks and utilises larger ROVs through our partner company Eriksson Diving AB.

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