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Geophysical Survey Solutions

UltrabeamHydrographic specialise in Geophysical Site Evaluation.

Traditionally, hydrographic survey has been associated with the making of charts that allow ships to navigate the world’s seas and oceans in safety. Over the years, hydrographic survey, or sea surveying as it is more simply described, has developed into a multi-disciplinary industry  that involves the measurement of tidal current, waves, observation of marine ecology, mapping of the seafloor and the shallow geology beneath it.

The information is used for an ever-increasing number of marine engineering projects as offshore energy and renewables infrastructure evolves and becomes more complex.

Ultrabeam’s highly experienced team, allied to the very latest survey equipment, specialist software and unique remote technology enables us to provide a high quality and cost effective service to our clients.

Our dynamic and flexible approach means we are able mobilise onto a vessel of opportunity or third party vessel, large or small, quickly and in any location.

We own and operate a range of modern survey equipment which includes multibeam echo-sounders, side scan sonar, magnetometers, sub bottom profilers and deliver Ultra High Resolution Seismic (UHRS) services through our partnership with a specialist seismic equipment  supplier based here in Cornwall.

All our data is acquired and processed using industry leading software – while our experienced geomatics and hydrographic team work together to produce high end deliverables to meet and surpass our client’s expectations.

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The First Choice in Sonar Imaging and Marine Asset Inspection

Ultrabeam Hydrographic are a multi-award winning, dynamic and agile hydrographic survey company based in the UK. Backed by decades of experience and with recent projects successfully completed throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia we’re ready to deploy our team and unique equipment wherever your next challenging project takes you.